Importing animal and plant products into the US:
Issues relating to trade
WTO publications:
Issues relating to trade
Lao government agencies and resources:
Other relevant issues in the Lao PDR
Laos: Department of Standardization & Metrology (DoSM), Ministry of Science & Technology:
Laos: Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Science & Technology: and
National industrial design collection:[%7B%22fi%22:%22SOURCE%22,%22te%22:%22LAID%22%7D]%7D
National patent collection:
National trademark collection:[%7B%22fi%22:%22SOURCE%22,%22te%22:%22LATM%22%7D]%7D
Office of origin (trademarks):[%7B%22co%22:%22AND%22,%22fi%22:%22OO%22,%22te%22:%22LA%22%7D]%7D

Relevant laws and regulations:
Other relevant issues in the Lao PDR
Law on intellectual property (2018):
Decree on import and export management (2001):
Decree on patents and industrial design (2002):
Decree on trademark registration (1995):
Decree on trade competition (2004):
Regulation on the Implementation of Decree on Patent, Petty Patent and Industrial Designs (2003):
Regulation on the Registration of Trademarks (2002):

Other relevant issues in the Lao PDR
Entrepreneur Eco-system in Laos (2019) in Lao language:
Entrepreneur Eco-system in Laos (2019) in English language:
Export potential in Lao PDR for processed wood and specialty agriculture:
Laos Enterprise Survey (2016):
Laos Enterprise Survey (2018):
Lao Labour Force Survey 2017:
Laos in the 'Doing Business' global survey (summary):
Laos in the 'Doing Business' global survey (full report):
Laos Logistics Capacity Assessment:
Laos Logistics Performance Index (World Bank):
Laos Statistical Yearbook 2018:
Laos Trade and Private Sector Development Roadmap:
OECD Investment Policy Review:
Socio-economic atlas of Laos:
Standards measurement in Laos:
Statistical Report on Tourism in Laos (2018):
Trade in Laos:
Various business laws (Ministry of Planning and Investment):

Other relevant issues in the Lao PDR
Access to finance (for SMEs):
Arise Plus Laos:
Dept. for Intellectual Property (MoST):
ITC in Laos:
Lao Business Forum:
Lao Coffee Association:
Lao Competitiveness and Trade project:
Lao e-commerce platform:
Lao Statistics Bureau:
Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
Made in Laos:
Ministry of Industry and Commerce:
Nexus for Development:
SME Access to Finance project (SMEA2F):
SME Service Centre:
Trade for Development (T4D):
T4SD (Trade for Sustainable Development) Hub Lao:
Women's Entrepreneurial Centre:
World Bank in Laos:

Agricultural sector development and challenges in Southeast Asia:
Other useful documents
Alternative e-commerce platforms:
Other useful documents  e-commerce
Banking services for Lao women entrepreneurs:
Other useful documents
Consumer goods trade fairs:
Other useful documents
Ebay seller hub:
Other useful documents
Other useful documents
Ethical Trading Initiative:
Other useful documents
Floriculture Sustainability Initiative:
Other useful documents
Facebook shops (helping sell businesses sell on-line):
Other useful documents
Google adverts:
Other useful documents
How to sell your products on
Other useful documents
IFC's Food Safety Handbook:
Other useful documents
Inclusive Business Toolkit:
Other useful documents
Leading international exhibitions and trade fairs:
Other useful documents
On-line courses relating to business, finance and management:
Other useful documents
Free on-line training courses from ILO:
Other useful documents
ITC's e-learning campus (training courses):
Other useful documents
Regional Investment Support for Entrepreneurs (RISE):
Other useful documents
Risk management in tourism:
Other useful documents
Sustainable Spices Initiative:
Other useful documents
SME Trade Academy:
Other useful documents
Social Finance Academy:
Other useful documents
Other useful documents
ASEAN Coffee Federation:
International Coffee Organization:
World Coffee Research: 

Other useful documents
Lao Tea Appreciation Society:

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