Grant eligibility

We are keen to work with companies across all of the Lao PDR, and not just those in and around Vientiane.
We are keen to work with companies of all sizes, from small to large.
We are keen to work with companies operating across a range of business sectors, including agri-business.
We are particularly keen to work with companies that are owned or led by women.

Eligible recipients:


• Any private company or SME operating in the Lao PDR, and providing employment and incomes to Lao citizens.
• Companies that are seeking to become more competitive and grow their business.
• Companies that are seeking to take their operations to a higher level.
• Companies that are seeking to innovate.
• Companies working with women, the poor and disadvantaged communities.
• Companies with inclusive business models and that can have a positive economic impact on the Lao PDR and its citizens.
• Start-up companies are also eligible to apply, although the higher degree of business risk associated with start-ups will be factored into BAF II's decision on whether or not to recommend grant funding support. We anticipate that most companies that BAF II assists will already be operational.


• State-owned enterprises
• Business associations and non-profit organisations.
• Companies involved in the manufacture of weapons, alcohol or tobacco.
• Businesses operating in the financial sector.
• Companies in the telecommunications sector.
• Companies involved in mining or other forms of natural resources extraction.
• Companies involved in power generation and distribution.[1]

Grant size

We provide matching grants to cover 50% of the cost of pre-approved business development service provision. The grant is paid at the end of the work being completed, as a reimbursement to the grantee company. (BAF II is not able to provide a matching grant direct to a business service provider for work done with a client.)

Although we can provide grants up to US$200,000 in size to a single company, we anticipate that almost all of our grants will be substantially smaller, and we have no minimum limit on the grant size.

Permitted use of grant funding from BAF II


• Focused and tailored technical assistance provision
• Specific technical training
• Market outreach and research


• Goods and state owned enterprises’ works
• Material and other physical assets
• Internal operating costs

[1] But companies providing services to mining, power or telecommunications companies and projects are eligible, subject to them meeting the other eligibility requirements.