Business leadership and company continuity:
Covid 19
UNDDR's Covid-19 planning tool for SMEs: and
UNDDR's Online training course on building business resilience in the face of COVID-19 for small and medium enterprises:
Deloitte's guidance on business resilience:
Enterprise resilience:
EY's resilience diagnostic tool:
EY's 'How do CFOs reshape today to reinvent their tomorrow?':
Guide to Business Resilience (app):
IFC tip sheet on company leadership and crisis response:
ILO's Interventions to support enterprises during the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery:
ILO's Practical Guide on Teleworking during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond:
ILO's six-step COVID-19 business continuity plan:
Manual to Land -- building resilience in a crisis:
PwC's COVID-19 navigator:
Beyond COVID-19: Five key strategic priorities for a post-crisis world:
Rapid Crisis Response Checklist (from Boston Consulting Group):
Singapore's Guide on Business Continuity Planning:
The essence of resilient leadership: Business recovery from Covid-19:
ISO's standard for business continuity management systems (ISO 22301:2019):

Protecting employees and suppliers:
Covid 19
ADB's Protecting the Safety and Well-Being of Workers and Communities from COVID-19:
Challenges and Recommendations for Workplaces Open during the Pandemic:
Guide to local production (how to make hand sanitiser):
Hygiene resources:
IFC tipsheet on supporting workers during Covid-19:
ILO's Covid-19 and the world of work:
ILO's employer’s guide on managing your workplace during COVID-19:
ILO standards and COVID-19:
Infection control:
Managing supply chain risk and disruption:
Returning to the workplace during COVID-19: labour and workforce considerations:
Returning to the workplace during COVID-19: occupational health and safety considerations:
Ten considerations to support your workforce
Work reimagined:
Workplace safety resources:

Serving customers and clients:
Covid 19
Future Consumer Index: How COVID-19 is changing consumer behaviors:
Future Consumer Index: How to serve the 'Anxious Consumer' after COVID-19:

Finance and cash flows:
Covid 19
Guidelines for better purchasing practices amidst the coronavirus crisis and recovery: 

Impact of Covid-19 on agricultural (including fisheries and forestry) sector, food and beverage producers:
Covid 19
COVID-19 in the Coffee Sector: Challenges for Workers and Farmers:
Considerations for Fruit and Vegetable Growers Related to Coronavirus & COVID-19:
FAO on sustainable crop production and COVID-19:
FAO on COVID-19 and smallholder producers’ access to markets:
FAO on urban food systems and the role of cities and local governments in responding to Covid-19: 
FAO on COVID-19 and the risk to food supply chains: How to respond?:
FAO on agri-food markets and trade policy in the time of COVID-19:
FAO on responding to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on food value chains through efficient logistics:
FAO on how COVID-19 is affecting fisheries and aquaculture food systems:
FAO on mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 on the livestock sector:
FAO on adjusting business models to sustain agri-food enterprises during COVID-19:
FAO on the impacts of COVID-19 on the forest sector: How to respond?:

Impact of Covid-19 on the garment industry:
Covid 19
The supply chain ripple effect: How COVID-19 is affecting garment workers and factories in Asia and the Pacific:
What next for Asian garment production after COVID-19? The perspectives of industry stakeholders:
ILO's 'call to action' for the garment sector: and
List of buyers and organisations endorsing the 'call to action':

Impact of Covid-19 on food production and grocery retailing:
Covid 19
Impact of Covid-19 on travel and tourism:
Covid 19
Reviving Tourism amid the COVID-19 Pandemic (ADB Brief):
The Impact of COVID-19 on Tourism Enterprises in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic: An Initial Assessment (ADB, June 2020):

Impact of Covid-19 on trade and transportation:
Covid 19
Covid-19 and gender in business:
Covid 19
Supporting SMEs to Ensure the Economic COVID-19 Recovery is Gender-Responsive and Inclusive:
Gender-Sensitive Private Sector Response to COVID-19 for Accelerated and Inclusive Economic Recovery:
Women as a Force for Accelerated and Inclusive Economic Recovery Post-COVID-19 in Asia-Pacific:

Master list of COVID-19 free software tools and resources:
Covid 19
Technology solutions:
Covid 19
List of software and other offerings currently available to help your business during Covid-19:
Supporting MSMEs' Digitalization Amid COVID-19:

Accounting and business planning software:
Covid 19
Airtable (shared spreadsheet and database):
Beanworks (accounts payable software):
Chili Piper (automated scheduling):
Float (cash flow forecasting and scenario planning):
OkiOki (automated finance platform):
Paymo (task management and invoicing):
Teamleader (customer management, project management and invoicing for SMEs):
Tillypay (online payments using a weblink):
Toco (automated finance platform for SMEs):

Communications and connectivity platforms:
Covid 19  platform
8X8 (cloud communications platform):

Airtable (document sharing):
Around (video conferencing):
Atlassian (various software for remote team working):
AWS Amazon Chime (online communications system):
Bitrix24 (communications platform):
Bloomfire (documentation sharing):
BlueJeans (video conferencing):
Cisco Webex (video conferencing):
ClickMeeting (online communication platform):
CloudApp (sharing voice and video): (video conferencing):
Dialpad (online communication platform):
Discord: (video conferencing and communications):
Dynamic Signal (documentation sharing):
Flock (team messaging):
Fuze (cloud communications for enterprises):
Go Brunch (webinars):
Google meet (video conferencing):
Guild (messaging app for business):
Hypersay (video presentations):
Jami (online communication):
Commute (video messaging):
Lark (online team collaboration platform):
Lifesize (video conferencing):
Livestorm (video conferencing):
LogMeIn (remote access to computers):
Loom (video conferencing):
Mattermost (secure messaging for businesses):
Miro (virtual collaborative whiteboard):
Mo (team building):
Moqups (team collaboration):
Notion (team collaboration):
Owl (video conferencing):
Pexip (video conferencing):
Planable (social media collaboration software):
Pragli (virtual office):
Pronto (online communication platform):
Quip (online collaboration platform):
Remo (video conferencing):
RemoteHQ (online collaboration platform):
Skype (video conferencing):
Slido (virtual presentation platform):
SoapBox (online management of teams):
So Team (online management platform):
Sococo (online workplace):
Spatial (virtual office):
Star Leaf (video conferencing):
Tandem (virtual office):
Tech Smith (sharing voice and video):
TeemyCo (virtual office):
Trello (communication platform):
Troop Messenger (communication platform):
Uber Conference (video conferencing):
VooV Meeting (video conferencing):
Whereby (online communication platform):
Workfront (online work / project management platform):
Workplace (team collaboration and communication):
Yac (online communication platform):
Zoom (video conferencing):

Human resources, project management and productivity:
Covid 19
Asana (virtual work management platform):
Basecamp: (remote working platform):
Challenge Rocket (online recruitment platform):
Clockwise (productivity):
Clubhouse (project management):
Harvest (software for tracking productivity):
Hive (project management):
iFlow (online work monitoring platform):
Instructure (employee development platform):
Kanban Zone (productivity platform):
Krisp (productivity platform):
LeaveBoard (HR software for small businesses):
Mixmax (productivity platform):
Monday (productivity platform):
Monitask (employee monitoring):
Nifty (project management):
Offerd (online interviewing platform):
Paymo (project management):
Podio (project management platform):
Process Street (process and checklist management):
Shiftbase (employee scheduling and tracking platform):
Slack (project management platform):
Smartsheet (project management):
TalentLyft (online recruitment platform):
Taskade (project management):
TimeBack (time-task-employee management app):
TMetric (time tracking platform):
ToDoist (organizer):
Toggl (free time tracking):
Unito (project management):
Woven (productivity):

Security and storage:
Covid 19
AnyDesk (remote access to computers):
Dropbox (shared files and database):
Slab (sharing documentation):
Slack (team collaboration):

Covid 19
Anchor (software to make podcasts):
ClickUp (productivity platform):
DataTab (statistical analysis platform):
Delve (online qualitative analysis tool):
Edit (online design platform):
Google My Business: and!/
Google My Business for hotels:
G Suite (Google's collection of productivity apps), available in Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese):
Hercules (translation project management):
MemoQ (management system for translation work):
Netsuite (Oracle) (unified business management suite of software):
Responster (online survey platform):
UseMe (platform for companies to hire freelancers):
Viima (innovation platform):
XTRF (online translation management platform):

E-signature software:
Covid 19
Covid 19
APEC and The Asia Foundation on 'COVID-19, 4IR and the Future of Work':
Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises and the Post- COVID-19 Rapid Response (ILO policy brief, June 2020):
World Bank summary on 'Lao PDR in the time of Covid-19':
The Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Developing Asia (ADB):
Business practices in the future: and
Changing food consumer habits in Southeast Asia:
Covid-19: implications for business (McKinsey):
Covid-19 resources for inclusive businesses:
EY's report on Megatrends 2020 and beyond:
Google's guidance on avoiding COVID-19 online security risks:
Google's general guidance for businesses:
How can you reframe your future during the chaos of today? :…EY3hFM2dobG80OEx5cWRLUUFNbW81aDc3SmowNDFwZWxVT0hHSDZnIn0%3D
How Chinese companies have responded to Covid-19:
How to go about pivoting your business model:
ILO Rapid Diagnostics for Assessing the Country Level Impact of COVID-19 on the Economy and Labour Market - Guidelines:
ILO's review of Lao policy responses to Covid-19:
ITC's 'Covid-19: The Great Lockdown and its Impact on Small Business':
From perfume to hand sanitiser, TVs to face masks: how companies are changing track to fight Covid-19:

Useful websites to refer to:
Covid 19
Connecting Business Initiative:
Consumers International:
Covid-19 Innovation Hub:
GFSI and COVID-19:
Govt. of Laos Covid-19 website:
ICAO airport status:
ILO -- Covid-19 and the world of work:
Ministry of Health:
Standards and Trade Development Facility:
UN in Laos:
UNWTO (world tourism organisation):
World Customs Organisation:
World Bank:

COVID-19 Briefing Notes:
Covid 19
  1. BAF II's Covid-19 briefing note 1: Having a strategic plan (LAO version)  ( ENG version)
  2. BAF II's Covid-19 briefing note 2: Business survival and continuity (LAO version)  (ENG version)
  3. BAF II's Covid-19 briefing note 3: Protecting employees and suppliers (LAO version)   (ENG version)
  4. BAF II's Covid-19 briefing note 4: Caring for your customers and clients (LAO version)   (ENG version)
  5. BAF II's Covid-19 briefing note 5: Financial planning (LAO version)  (ENG version)
  6. BAF II's Covid-19 briefing note 6: Coming back stronger  (LAO version)  (ENG version)

E-Newsletter November Issue:
Covid 19
BAF Clients Case Studies
Case studies
Champahom Company (LAO Version) (ENG Version)
Her Works (LAO Version) (ENG Version)

The case of 'tokyobike' and unified commerce:

International directory of BDS providers (with reviews):
Business development services (BDS)
Search engine of freelance service providers for business:
Business development services (BDS)
Survey Monkey Enterprise (a survey platform):
Business development services (BDS)
International standards and certifications:
Business development services (BDS)
ACT (Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand):
Alliance for Water Stewardship:
Aquaculture Stewardship Council:
ASEAN Standard for Organic Agriculture (ASOA):
Asia Regional Organic Standard (AROS):
B-Corporation (social and environmental performance):
Better Buying:
BGCI (Botanic Gardens Conservation International):
Biosphere Responsible Tourism:
BRCGS (food safety):
Business Social Compliance Initiative (code of conduct):
Canadian Organic Standards: and
Carbon Neutral:
Certified Naturally Grown:
China organic rules:
EnPlus (wood pellets):
Ethical Tea Partnership:
Ethical Trade and Responsible Sourcing (BRCGS):
Ethical Trading Initiative:
EU FLEGT in Laos:
EU FLEGT Voluntary Partnerships Agreement (in Lao):
EU organic legislation and regulations: and and
EU organic regulation change (from January 2021):
EU regulation 2018/848 on organic production and labelling of organic products (valid from 1 January 2021):
EU-wide list of accreditation bodies in member countries:
EU Timber Regulation:
Fair for Life:
Fair Wild:
Fairtrade (non-USA):
Fairtrade for contract production:
Fairtrade for small-scale producers:
Fairtrade for hired labour:
Fairtrade for textiles:
Fairtrade USA:
Fair Wear:
Florverde Sustainable Flowers:
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC):
Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody (COC):
Forest Stewardship Council Forest Management Certification:
France organic rules:
FSSC 22000 (food safety): and and
Garment and textile standards and certification:
GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative for the Improvement of Food Safety Management Systems):
Global Coffee Platform (code of conduct):
Global Compact:
Global Food Safety Initiative:
Global GAP:
Global GAP Aquaculture:
Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS):
Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC):
Gluten Free Certification Organization:
Gluten Free Certification (BRCGS):
GMP+ certification: and
Green Globe (for tourism):
Green Key (for tourism):
GRI Standards:
Humane Certified:
ICO (International Coffee Organisation):
India organic rules:
International Butterfly Breeders Association:
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM):
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS):
International Financial Reporting Standards for SMEs:
International Labour Standards (ILO):
International Tropical Timber Organisation:
IOAS (International Organic Accreditation Service):
(ISC)² (cyber-security):
ISCC, ISSC EU and ISCC+ (sustainability):
ISO9001: and
ISO10001 (quality management and customer satisfaction):
ISO14001: and
ISO14004: (environmental management system):
ISO17021 (requirements for certification bodies): and
ISO20400 (sustainable procurement):
ISO22000: and
ISO22301 (business continuity):
ISO22483 (tourism and related services):
ISO26000: and
ISO27001: and
ISO37001 (anti-bribery management systems):
ISO44001 (collaborative business relationships):
ISO45001: and
ISO56000 (innovation management):
Japan organic rules:
Korean agri-food standards:
Korea organic rules:
Laos Organic:
Natrue (International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association):
Netherlands organic rules:
Non-GMO Project:
OHSAS 18001:
PCI Security Standards:
Peta-approved Vegan:
Planet Proof:
Plant-based Global Standard (BRCGS):
Primus GFS (food safety):
Primus Standard GMP and GAP:
Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification:
Rainforest Alliance:
Recycled Claim Standard:
Responsible Jewellery Council:
Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB):
Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA):
Soil Association certification:
Soil Association standards for food and drink:
Soil Association organic certification for fashion and textiles:
Soil Association certification for forestry:
SQF (Safe Quality Food): and
Sustainability Accounting Standards Board:
Sustainable Biomass Program (wood pellets and woodchips):
Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI):
Sustainable Green Printing Partnership:
Sustainable Travel and Tourism Initiative:
Sustainably Grown:
Thailand's Organic Agriculture Certification (ACT):
Triple Bottom Line (TBL):
USA organic rules:
UTZ (now part of Rainforest Alliance):
World Coffee Research:
World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO):
World Travel and Tourism Council:
World Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP):

International Guide to Fair Trade Labels (2020 edition):
Fair World Project:

International quality standards and certification bodies and companies:
Business development services (BDS)
APMG International:
Asian EcoTourism (for GSTC training and certification):
Bureau Veritas: /
China Quality Certification Centre:
Common Objective (garments sector):
Control Union:
CQC (China Quality Certification Centre):
CQM (China Quality Mark Centre):
Green Destinations:
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM):
Institute of Global Certification (South Korea):
JICQA (Japan):
Lacon Institut:
Lean Six Sigma Institute:
Merieux Nutrisciences:
NSF Certification:
Quality Assurance International:
SAI Global:
SAP Certification:
SCS Global Services:
SGS: / /
Social Accountability International (SAI):
Toklai Tea Research Association:
TrainingAid (tourism and travel sector):
TUV Nord:
TUV Sud:
Vireo (environmental):
Certification bodies registered in Thailand:
Certification bodies registered in Vietnam:

National accreditation bodies (typically responsible for determining the technical competence of organisations offering testing, calibration and certification services):
Business development services (BDS)
Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation:
Australia and New Zealand (joint):
Cambodia: and
Hong Kong:
India: and
South Korea:
USA (international):
Vietnam: and (STAMEQ)
Global (IAF):

List of accreditation bodies, by country:
List of national standards bodies, by country:

World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO):
Business development services (BDS)
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